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My Lifetime Intrigue With Tattoos Essay - 2074 Words

Introduction My lifetime intrigue with tattoos has led me to research the history and culture surrounding tattooing. I have already collected several pieces, both small and large, on my body and am endlessly curious about the culture of body modification. The objective of my research is to discover the ancient history of body art, the social and cultural significances and stigmas of tattoos, as well as to discover the process of getting a custom tattoo. After defining my objectives and doing preliminary research, I have chosen to analyze and interpret the existing research about this subject through a conceptual framework. This framework indicates that tattooing is an ancient art form practiced around the world for many different reasons and has a diverse cultural and social significance in today’s societies. This framework was chosen as a result of preliminary reading and analyzing existing research about the history and culture of tattooing. This existing research has shown that the pr actice of tattooing dates back to ancient civilizations, as well as the different perceptions of body art in current global societies, both negative and positive. My research will consist of three topics; ancient tattooing history, the recent history and the emergence of western practice, and the social and cultural significance and stigmas in global societies today. Research area 1 – History of ancient tattooing Each of the sources I have chosen for my first research area, ancientShow MoreRelatedAdvantages and Disadvantages of Being Member of a Fraternity4643 Words   |  19 PagesBaquilid Prologue I am a founding member of a fraternity. As such, I can consider myself having adequate exposures on the life of this type of organization. To begin with, let me emphasize that a fraternity or sorority is a choice of a lifestyle for a lifetime. It has a strong influence on one’s personality. It can make or unmake a person. I have heard of many arguments against being a fraternity/sorority member. Some are true and some are not. Perhaps it would not be amiss to mention that there are organizationsRead MoreEssay about how to16439 Words   |  66 Pagesother non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. Disclaimer The events described and the advice that has been given in this book is based on my experiences as a womaniser. For privacy and confidentiality reasons, I have made certain changes, altered identifying features and fictionalised some aspects, but it remains an accurate reflection of my past experiences as a serial womaniser. Table of Contents Copyright 3 Disclaimer 4 Chapter 1 – About me 6 Chapter 2 – Preparation 9 ChapterRead MoreBee Movie Script13767 Words   |  56 Pagescolor-corrected, 223. scent-adjusted and bubble-contoured 224. 225. 226. into this soothing sweet syrup 227. 228. 229. with its distinctive 230. golden glow you know as... 231. 232. 233. Honey! 234. 235. 236. - That girl was hot. 237. - Shes my cousin! 238. 239. 240. - She is? 241. - Yes, were all cousins. 242. 243. 244. - Right. Youre right. 245. - At Honex, we constantly strive 246. 247. 248. to improve every aspect 249. of bee existence. 250. 251. 252. These bees are stress-testingRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 Pagesthis 11th edition. Who would have thought that interest in mistakes would be so enduring? Many of you are past users, a few even for decades. I hope you will find this new edition a worthy successor to earlier editions. I think this may even be my best book. The new Google and Starbucks cases should arouse keen student interest, and may even inspire another generation of entrepreneurs. A fair number of the older cases have faced significant changes in the last few years, for better or for

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Ministry of Manpower (MOM) - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1474 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Politics Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Singapore is a multiculturalism country where the total labor market consists 3.45 million people. Out of 3.45 million people, 1.3 million of them consists of foreigners mainly in the manufacturing and construction industry which does not appeal to most of the Singaporeans (Ministry of Manpower, 2013). As a country with no natural resources, Singapore relies on its human capital to sustain its economy. Foreign workers and talents are an important aspect in the human capital because of the low population of locals. Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the leading government agency of Singapore, formulates and implement employment policies. The Employment Act in Singapore is the main labor law in Singapore and work in line with international labor legislation and standards. Under the Act, the contract of service must contain and state clearly the key components such as job designation, salary, work hours per week employeeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s benefits and conditions for ter mination of employment contact to eliminate any manipulation of terms by both the employer and employees. The Employment Acts however, does not covers all employees. It does not apply to Managerial and Executive positions where the person has authority or influence in hiring, promotion or reward. Workers with specialized skills who has the similar responsibility as a manager is also not covered under the act. Domestic workers, seaman and most of the government staffs are also not covered under the Employment Act. Most hiring companies prefers foreign workers due to their low wages as labor costs contributes a huge percentage of the companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s cost. Due to the relatively relaxed policies in hiring foreigners in Singapore, locals are expressing unhappiness and feel that foreigner are taking away their jobs and eroding the national identity. Under Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Chapter 91A), foreigners who wish to work in Singapore will need to apply for w ork passes. These passes are categorized under Employment Pass, S Pass and Work Permit. Employment Pass are issued to professionals who earn at least $3300 a month and will be cancelled once the holder left the employer. S Pass are issued to mid-level skilled foreigners who earn at least $2000 a month. Work permit are issued to low to mid-level skilled workers. These different passes allow the regulating organization to keep track on the numbers of skilled to non-skilled foreign workers in Singapore to ensure that locals are also treated fairly in the hiring process. Levies and Foreign worker quota are also implemented to regulate the foreign workers in Singapore. A certain number of local workers will need to be met in order for the hiring company to hire 1 foreign worker. This is to ensure that firms will be fair in their hiring process and not discriminate and avoid hiring local workers. Foreign labors help boost Singapore economy however, due to the large numbers of foreign w orkers in Singapore, locals are being discriminated. Some of the firms which are operated by foreign management may prefer hiring their own countrymen or permit holders as opposed to Singaporean. An example would be a Swiss restaurant, La Fondue at Dempsey Road, which posted a discriminatory job advertisements that stated they only hire Filipinos (Tan, 2013). La Fondue was barred from hiring new foreign workers for 6 months and required a public apology to be published. Foreign workers are attractive to most company in Singapore due to its low cost, however hiring company in Singapore will need to make an effort to consider Singaporean workers fairly. MOM recently have been phasing in measures to further tighten the hiring of foreigners after facing critic from Singaporeans. They imposed tighter measures to firms that have disproportionately low concentration of Singaporean workers at professional levels and firms which favoring their own compatriots when hiring (Brinded, 2013). Due to the tightening regulations on hiring of foreign workers, these might affect the economic growth in Singapore due to higher labor costs. As labor cost increases, firms are forced to retrench workers, downsize or even move out of Singapore (Goh, 2013). Singaporeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s exports suffered a decline, losing its competitiveness to Malaysia and South Korea due to the tightening of foreign labors. Manufacturing firms like Alcotec have to cut down on the foreign workforce due to the regulation and cannot meet the demands of their customers (Chen, 2014). Hiring firms in Singapore focus on increasing the productivity of both locals and foreign manpower by sending them to training and upgrading programs. With the additional skills and knowledge, these enable them to be able to multi-task and lower the transaction costs of workers. Multi-skilling of workers also enable communications to flow more efficiently and thus, lower any unnecessary costs to the firm (Lazear Gibbs , 2009). Without strong human capital investments, firms will face shortage of manpower or high labor costs which may result in losing its competitiveness. Under the Enlistment Act (Chapter 93) Part VI, employer in Singapore have a duty to release and reinstate Singaporean National Servicemen (NSMen) for call-up for their reservist duties every year. Employers are prohibited to discriminate or dismiss any NSMen for reasons related to their reservist status. One of the reasons employers may avoid hiring Singaporean males is due to their National Service obligations. Every year Singapore males will be called up once or twice for 2-3 weeks for their reservist duties in the army. Work disruptions and discriminations arises towards Singapore males due to these obligations (Koh, 2013). Most employers in Singapore understand the obligations of National Service in Singapore and try to arrange and adjust the workload of employed servicemen during their reservist (Tan, 2013). As ther e are no strong regulations to protect Singaporean males with NS obligations, in regards to competitiveness in the workforce, strong communication channel is very important for work to be handed-over during their reservists. A focus group discussion was also held by Ministry of Defense for employers to help them understand and strengthen the competitiveness of NSMen in their career. Employers are urged to remain supportive for NSMen and manage their commitments (Channel Newsasia, 2013). Smartphones are also allowed in some of the restrictive areas in camps so that NSMen will be able to keep direct contact with their employers and colleagues. Singapore is experiencing low local birthrates and aging population. These would affect the future workforce of Singapore if there are no foreign workers coming in. A statistic shows that by 2030, there will only be 2.1 working citizens for each citizen aged 65 and above (Our Demographic Challenges, 2014). Under the Retirement and Re-employme nt Act (Chapter 274A), employers are prohibited to dismiss any employees, before they attained the retirement age of 62, for a reason based solely on their age. Employees who reached the age of retirement should also be given re-employment options or an employment assistance payment if employees do not accept. These act protects the older workers from being discriminated due to their old age and also enable them to earn income and build up their retirement funds. The main reason why most firms avoid hiring older workers is because they want employees to retain in the firm for a long period of time (Silliker, 2013). Younger managers are also finding it difficult to manage older workers due to the culture of Singapore where the younger generations are supposed to respect the seniors (Toh, 2013). However, there are also advantages in hiring older workers due to their experience and exposure in the workforce. Older workers make excellent mentors and role models to younger workers in the firm which helps in the training of employee. Older workers also possess confidence in their abilities which allows them to make better decisions and sharing ideas (The Daily Post, 2013). Michael Smith, director of Randstad Singapore, states that in order to maintain the low unemployment rate, employer must have strong human resource policies to welcome the older workers and providing them with training to increase their productivity (See Ramesh, 2013). Hiring firms in Singapore should be transparent over the wage negotiation with older workers as most of the older workers demand high salary and compensation perks due to the overconfidence in their abilities (McGrory, 2012). Firms also offer flexible work arrangements for older workers as their goals differs as they age and these would encourage them to stay longer and avoid absenteeism in the firm, reducing high turnover (Koc-Menard, 2009). The legal framework of employment in Singapore influenced many firms to increa se productivity of employees and retention of older workers. Firm with heterogeneous workforce also tend to be more competitive due to shared experience and social norms among employees. These benefits both the firm and the workers and also the economic growth and social aspects of Singapore. Foreign workers are important in Singaporeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s workforce but employers need to execute a fair and ethical hiring practices to ensure an efficient working environment and remain competitive. Singapore employers also faces a unique challenge on NSMen but if communications channel are efficient, workloads are being handed-over efficiently and they can be as productive as other employees. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Ministry of Manpower (MOM)" essay for you Create order

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My First Day Of Internship With The Neurology Department

The 8th floor of the hospital was nothing like any other department I had ever worked on. It was not always busy and loud like the ER, or soothing yet cheerful like pediatric. It always felt gloomy with its dimly lit hallways and beige colored walls. I met Mr. Peter on my first day of internship with the neurology department. As an intern, I was in charge of feeding patients breakfast and lunch among many other responsibilities. Unlike many other patients who were not able to chew or swallow their meal properly, Mr. Peter was different. During breakfast he always requested two orders of pancakes, one to eat during breakfast and other for mid afternoon. He always finished his food with good appetite. Despite being blind Mr. Peter constantly shared colorful stories of his travels from around the world. On the sixth day of my internship, I finished the pat feeding all the other patients, their lunches and was getting ready to check on Mr. Peter. When I entered his room, he was not ther e. Instead, there was a middle aged man sitting on the bed which belonged to Mr. Peter, and kept repeating the words â€Å"He is gone, oh lord he is gone† with a broken voice. I suddenly felt frozen with grief and anger. How can someone so lively be gone in such a short period of time? Why couldn’t the doctors and nurses help him? This was the harsh side of medicine, which I was not previously exposed to. At that moment I questioned myself, â€Å"Do I really want to go into a field that cannot alwaysShow MoreRelatedWho Is Mrs. T Suffering From Acute Stroke?987 Words   |  4 Pagesthose CT scan films and identify various regions and lesions of brain. Throughout my medical school, Neurological sciences have intrigued me most. First time I saw a human brain in gross anatomy I felt so thrilled. Being able to look n learn about one of the most complex humans organ was just exhilarating. I used to spend hours in the college library reading about neuroscience and other beginner’s concepts. During my medical school rotations, I was exposed to a wide range of neurological conditionsRead MoreMy Internship With The Neurology Department787 Words   |  4 Pages The 8th floor of the hospital was unlike any other department I had ever worked at. It was not always busy and loud like the ER, or cheerful like pediatric. The 8th floor always felt gloomy with its dimly lit hallways and beige colored walls. I met Mr. Peter on the first day of my internship with the neurology department. As an intern, I was in charge of feeding patients breakfast and lunch among other responsibilities. Unlike other patients who were not able to chew or swall ow their meal properlyRead MoreMy Career Of Pediatric Surgery1866 Words   |  8 Pagesdoctor’s office for an annual check up . From then on, I knew I wanted to bee a children’s doctor. I didn t know what the profession was called at such a young age, but as I grew up I learned that the official name was, Pediatrician. I knew this was my career since I was eight years old. Since then, I have landed on a career of Pediatric surgery. Being a pediatric surgeon requires a lot of time and energy. Pediatric surgeons are required to know the fundamentals of surgery but alsoRead MorePersonal Values And Ethics Of My Mother s Solid Foundation1794 Words   |  8 Pagesmyself trying to be helpful to anyone I came in contact with, whether my friends needed a disagreement settled or my elderly neighbor needed help with bags into her home. Twenty years later and not much has changed; to this day people come to me for advice because they know I’m an honest person that does her best to put any personal biases to the side. I was raised in a single parent home by one of the strongest women I know. My mother has instilled in me the values and ethics that a book cannot teachRead More‚Äà ºa Contemporary View on Health Care System in Bangladesh.‚Äà ¹14806 Words   |  60 PagesCare System in Bangladesh’’ is the o utcome of Internship Program which is a precondition for acquiring MBA Degree. Only curriculum activities are not enough for handling the real business environment, so it is necessary to get the better knowledge about the real scenario. The report is a requirement of the internship program for my MBA Degree. Conduction of Internship/ Dissertation started on 20th December 2009 and ended on 12th February 2010. My internship supervisor at International Islamic UniversityRead MoreDebate Topics6648 Words   |  27 Pageshypnotized displays certain unusual characteristics and propensities, compared with a non-hypnotized subject, most notably hyper-suggestibility, which some authorities have considered a sine qua non of hypnosis. For example, Clark L. Hull, probably the first major empirical researcher in the field, wrote, If a subject after submitting to the hypnotic procedure shows no genuine increase in susceptibility to any suggestions whatever, there seems no point in calling him hypnotised... [1] Hypnotherapy isRead MoreA Descriptive Study of the Practice of Music Therapy in Hong Kong17388 Words   |  70 PagesHONG KONG BAPTIST UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY OF THE PRACTICE OF MUSIC THERAPY IN HONG KONG By LAM HOI YAN April, 2007 04002865 ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to examine the development of music therapy in Hong Kong. Specifically, a number of related issues were studied including definition of music therapy, the origin of music therapy, the recent developments in music therapy in China, establishment of a music therapy session, and the setting ofRead MoreHsm 542 Week 12 Discussion Essay45410 Words   |  182 Pages| RE: Intentional Tort | Gina Billups | 3/5/2013 2:13:56 PM | | | Donnetta, looking at your example of an intentional tort of battery, I would implement the following steps and processes to reduce the risk of this tort occurring in my facility.   First, I would ensure that negligence would not be a factor.   In doing so, I would ensure that adequate care was given at an acceptable standard, ensuring that obligations as a professional were met. Secondly, I would ensure that procedures were in

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college essay for ecsu free essay sample

When I stepped into the halls of ___________ High School, I thought that that was the beginning of my life. However, as high school commenced, I realized that it was really just a prologue to the life that I am ready to start now. High school is simply a preparation point where I have to work my hardest and stand out the most. This I learned the hard way. I was excited to leave high school and finally become what I wanted to be. I wanted to branch out, to leave and meet new people. I was thrilled to go off on my own with no parents, nothing holding me back. Conversely, as junior and senior year rolled around, fear had struck me. I started to doubt myself and realize that I had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life. I was afraid that I would not be socially accepted in the school I choose to attend. We will write a custom essay sample on college essay for ecsu or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Worst of all, I feared that I would not choose any college or university to apply for in time or that I just wouldn’t be accepted anywhere. Not only was the application process something that got to my head in a negative way, but so did an event that had a major setback on my work. In the very beginning of this school year, only 3 days in, I got myself into a regretful situation. It was a Wednesday morning and I went to see a friend to watch the sunrise before school. It was about 3:30 a.m. and we were sitting outside next to my car. To our surprise, someone in a neighboring house had gotten in his truck and shown the headlights on us yelling at us to leave, which we agreed to do since he was rather intimidating. As we got into my car to leave, because we were in a cul-de-sac, he boxed us in and had called the cops on us. Since I had my license for only about 6 months and not a full year, I was charged for carrying a passenger and being out past curfew. This was the first time that I had ever got in serious trouble. For about two months, I was in the state of depression and had no one to turn to. I tried to keep everything to myself because I was not comfortable with talking about everything that had happened. I didn’t even like talking to the schoolâ⠂¬â„¢s psychologist and lied to him by saying everything was fine after just one session. Luckily, just this Monday (11/9/09), all charges were dropped and stressed regarding this situation could be forgotten. The only problem was that it was already two months in and my attendance and grades became atrocious. I was among the top 30% of my class but my rank had dropped by about 6 marks. For first quarter, I received a D for Honors Anatomy and Physiology, a D- for Advanced Pre-calculus, along with a C- in Advanced English. I felt like I was under a lot of stress and lost determination to do well in school. My classes this year do seem much easier than they have been in previous years, however I have chosen to slack off and not work to my fullest potential. My anatomy teacher, who I also had sophomore year for biology, noticed my decline in work ethics and reported it to my class’s guidance counselor who confronted me. She put me back on track and made me realize that the last two months was not me. With second quarter under way, my working habits have been much better especially now that I know what I want to do with my future. With Eastern Connecticut State University always being among my top choices, I have finally gotten my act together and decided to apply. I plan to take courses in the Graphic Design area. I choose to pursue a career regarding graphic design because I can express my ideas and thoughts in a creative way. I will strive my hardest to produce the best quality work as possible, working to my fullest potential. This is what I want and I know that now.

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The Election Essay free essay sample

A watershed Election is one that changes history. The candidate has a campaign that decides the course of politics for decades; one that is especially memorable, or that proves to be a dividing line between historical periods. The election of 1896 was just that. The depression of the 1 8905, and President Cleveland unwillingness to use federal resources to assist the unemployed, alienated irate farmers and workers from the Democratic Party. During the 1 892 and 1 894 elections, Democrats suffered large Congressional seat losses while Republicans and Populists each achieved significant gains.As the presidential election of 1 896 drew closer and political leaders worked to define party platforms, currency standards became the hottest issue. While Republicans endorsed the gold standard to win east coast industrialist votes, Populists continued to support unlimited silver coinage to increase the money supply. Democrats, meanwhile, were split as they struggled to find a common direction for their party and overcome the unpopular actions and policies of the Cleveland administration. We will write a custom essay sample on The Election Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page At the Democratic convention in Chicago, the commanding presence of William Jennings Bryan captured the attention of the delegates as he spoke in favor of using the ratio of 16 ounces of silver to 1 ounce of gold to create coins. Brans support of silver over gold angered those who favored only gold, commonly called Goldberg. But through a series of speeches, primarily in the south and west where farmers and silver miners lived, support for Brans plan grew rapidly. Many considered the 36-year-old, two-term congressman from Nebraska one of the best speakers of the day.Bryan rose to national prominence when he fought for the repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, which required the treasury to purchase 4. Million ounces of silver each month. The agreement, he claimed, would have a harmful inflationary impact on the economy. Bryan used his exceptional oratory skills to call for the implementation of silver coinage and an end to the big business-backed gold standard. We have petitioned and our petitions have been scorned, Bryan told the audience. We have entreated and our entreaties have been disregarded. We have begged and they have mocked when our calamity came.We beg no longer. We entreat no more. We petition no more. We defy them. Bryan concluded his speech with a phrase that appeared in newspapers across the country ND set the tone for the Democratic campaign. You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, he warned, describing the usage of unlimited coinage of silver and gold as a holy cause. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold! He then dramatically extended his arms as if he were on a crucifix. Brans spectacular Cross of Gold speech invoked a resounding response from the delegates.The convention promptly adopted a platform calling for unlimited coinage of silver and gold at a ratio Of 16 to 1, and then nominated the energetic Bryan for president. However, not everyone agreed with the nomination. Pro-gold Democrats refused to support Bryan and instead nominated their own candidate, Senator John M. Palmer of Illinois. The move was an obvious attempt to hinder Brans quest to follow through on his silver coinage strategy. I will not consider it any great fault if you decide to cast your vote for William McKinley, Palmer exclaimed, referring to the Republican presidential nominee.The Democrats decision to nominate Bryan created a predicament for the Populist Party. If they selected their own candidate, they risked splitting the pro-silver vote, which would give McKinley and the gold-supporting Republicans the White House. However, if they also nominated Bryan, they would lose their party identity. The Populists eventually nominated Bryan, but to separate themselves from the Democrats, they replaced vice-presidential candidate Arthur Seawall with Tom Watson, a former leader of the Farmers Alliance.Republicans looked to capitalize on their popularity in the upper Midwest and the Northeast. McKinley, governor of Ohio and a strong proponent of high tariffs, generated substantial support from wealthy industrialists. Ohio businessman Marcus Alonzo Hanna raised more than three million dollars to promote McKinley candidacy. Hanna understood the power of brochures and newspapers as promotional tools and blanketed cities with 250 million pieces of campaign literature in English and the native languages of immigrants, including German, Swedish, Polish, and Italian.He also sent 1,500 speakers across the nation to preach about the qualities, abilities, and ideals of the Republican nominee. During the 1 adds, politicians rarely played large roles in their own campaigns because it was considered improper to deliberately pursue the presidency. While Bryan shunned tradition and traveled thousands of miles to take advantage of his inconsiderable public speaking skills, Hanna advised McKinley to conduct a front-porch campaign. Thousands of people from across the country converged on M cKinley front lawn in Canton, Ohio, to hear him deliver brief speeches. Railroad owners who supported McKinley offered discounted fares so people from every State could afford to hear the Republican speak. Assistants carefully coordinated the arrival and departure of different groups so McKinley could tailor his speeches to the interests of his audience. With his mother and wife at his side, the candidate then hosted small receptions and shook hands with individual delegates. The candidates spent weeks wing for the support of voters, but Brans focus on the silver issue eventually hurt him.The Democrat discussed how the influx of silver would help indebted farmers, but he failed to appeal to the people in urban areas who cared about jobs, wages, and enhanced working conditions. Both McKinley and Hanna had solid relationships with labor groups and company owners. However, some industrialists turned to threats to guarantee a Republican win. You may vote any way you wish, some plant owners allegedly told their workers, but if Bryan is elected on Tuesday, the whistle will not blow on Wednesday.When authorities tallied election results, Bryan carried all Of the States Of the former Confederacy and many of the states in the Plains and the mountain west, but it was not enough. McKinley collected 271 electoral votes to Brans 176. The battle between silver and gold, as it turned out, had little impact on the future of Americas currency. In the years following the election, new gold discoveries in Colorado, Alaska, Australia, and South Africa led to an expansion of the money supply. And inflation from the new supply of gold was greater than what many anticipated would be the result of free silver.The economic recovery catapulted Republicans to the front of the political stage and established them as the party of prosperity. The strong Republican performance left Democrats with only sectional followers, primarily poor southern farmers who supported aging policies and failed to recognize industrial advances. The Populist Party lost many of its members and faded from the American political landscape. McKinley won re-election in 1900, again defeating Bryan and the aging Democratic platform. Much like the previous election, McKinley campaigned from the comfort of his home andBryan toured the country speaking to anyone who would listen. However, this time the Republicans presented their own roving politician when vice- presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt traveled from state to state. His brash and charismatic personality stole the limelight from the smooth-talking Bryan and helped McKinley post an even larger win than he experienced in 1896. The election of 1 900 was perhaps the most significant election after the victories of Abraham Lincoln because it marked a change in American politics. No longer would presidential candidates make concerted efforts to court the agrarian vote.Rather, big business and large urban centers would greatly influence the outcome of elections as opposed to votes being widely dispersed throughout the United States. Republicans remained in office for 16 consecutive years after the election of 1 900 and shaped America to reflect their values. As Republican concerns became increasingly aligned with the concerns of prosperous, white collar, corporate-minded Americans, the face of the Republican party shifted. African Americans and less affluent Americans, who at one time formed the core of the party, left in search of a political organization that would represent their interests.

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Buboonic Plague essays

Buboonic Plague essays No one - peasant or aristocrat - was safe from the disease [bubonic plague], and once it was contracted, a horrible and painful death was almost a certainty. The dead and the dying lay in the streets abandoned by frightened friends and relatives (482). This certainly paints an accurate and horrifying picture of the fourteenth century during the plague. The bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death or The Plague, (Hindley 103) was one of the major scourges of the Middle Ages. It killed indiscriminately without remorse or thought of consequences. Because the plague was so widespread, theories about causes, blame and a variety of supposed cures abounded. Most of these were without basis or fact and relied on myths and rumors. Theories for the causes and blames came from ignorance and hate, two horrible things married by fear. Some of the cures were not much better than the plague itself. The plague was transmitted to humans by fleas from infected rats that nested in people's roofs (Matthew 154). Fourteenth century man had no concept of how the disease was spread or how it could be stopped. The plague was transmitted to western Europe from China along trade routes (Matthew 154). Once the plague had reached the coast of Europe, it was soon transmitted to the countryside through the commercial trade networks (Matthew 154). The first cases of the plague occurred in a European colony called Genoa (Blum, Cameron and Barnes 38). It was "besieged in 1347" by mongols, who flung plague riddled bodies over the walls of Genoa. This was considered "an early form of biological warfare" (Blum, Cameron and Barnes 38). According to Matthews, "Experts could do nothing to cure or explain the plague" (154). The people of this period had no idea what they were dealing with. Even if they had known what caused the plague, their medical technology was almost nonexistent, so they could not have invented a cure (Matthew 154). Though the doctors of the tim...

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Motivation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Motivation - Essay Example 1-2). Change is a process which plays an important role in our lives. Change is a process that triggers immediate reaction. Managerial decision making is crucial while planning for change as change can either reinforce trust or might destroy the same (Rudolf, 2009, p. 40). The fact that change is not all positive should not deter individuals from embracing change. Change is all pervasive and people seeking change as well as those opposing it must realize that change has its own drawbacks and deficiencies. People who do not seek change and oppose are known as opponents of change and ‘resistance’ is the action adopted by these individuals when they sense that change can be a threat to them. Although resistance is a common thing in the workplace it can also be found in other places. Change and resistance go hand in hand. This is so because people have a tendency to resist change as they feel threatened when they sense change coming. This report will discuss the causes of re sistance to change which can be due to individual resistance, group resistance and organisational resistance. The organisations around the globe are experiencing a rapid change in there structure. The influence on managerial decision for the organisational change is a major concern and can affect the organisation in a great way. It is important to analyse the after effects of this decision taken by the leaders of the organisation. Moreover it has become difficult for the staff members to sustain in the changing organisational environment which leads to employee turnover and job dissatisfaction (Bianco et al., 2007, p. 188). The influences on managerial decision in context to the organisation change are directly related to the resistance of individuals and groups to the organisation change. This can further be elaborated as: I. Individual and group resistance There are various reasons behind the resistance of people towards the organisation change. In some cases it is an individual w ho resists the change while in most of the cases group resistance is common. The main causes related to the individual resistance could be the outcome of the change which is uncertain makes the individual insecure and causes the resistance towards organisation change. Another reason why individual resist change is due to their tendency to perceive selective information which is linked to their existing outlook about the organisation. This makes them vary of the changes as they tend to focus on the outcome which has an impact on them while rest of the benefits are neglected. Another fact is the habit of the individuals or the preferences of individuals for similar proceedings and activities which also acts as an obstruction to change (Jennifer, 2009, p. 602). Group resistance is another form of opposing the change and occurs when the alteration in the relationship and task caused by the change makes it difficult for the group to adapt to the change. The change disturbs the norms made by the groups. Secondly it has been found that attractiveness between members of a group affects the performance. To overcome this changes are required in the structure of the organisati