Saturday, July 27, 2019

Critical Analysis of the Article from both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Essay - 2

Critical Analysis of the Article from both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE aspects - Essay Example The author therefore does not see products and services as two different acts but visualize it as a combination of complex processes that must be undertaken together in order to deliver something of value to the customers. The author has also provided a visual representation of the molecular model and how it can integrate with marketing processes to provide a comprehensive view of how marketers should view services and other aspects of marketing jointly. This approach therefore provides a visual picture of the different relationships and proportions of the elements. Further, author has attempted to consider services with evidence as it is the evidence only which can effectively provide a comprehensive understanding of how one can actually measure the effectiveness of the services. The author therefore provides modeling as well as blueprinting as two important methods that can effectively provide marketers an opportunity to design services in such a manner that it can offer relatively better opportunity to understanding marketing in larger context and design the overall offering in such a manner that achieve the objectives. It is however, critical to note that the author has fall short on different occasions. Services essentially are of perishable nature therefore effectively they cannot be dynamic as assumed by the author. The dynamic nature of the services can only be assumed when they are provided on the consistent basis and the customers have the ability and opportunity to provide effective feedback about the overall quality of the services. Further, services can be separated from the products as it depends upon the overall nature of the offering made by the firm. Since some products are delivered with minimal service promise therefore services essentially cannot be considered as important for designing an effective product. Lastly, the overall argument is not

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