Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Modeling and Simulation Environments (Infusing Technology in the Assignment

Modeling and Simulation Environments (Infusing Technology in the Classroom) - Assignment Example It has also been argued that the best way for students to learn from an environment that stresses on an individual’s use of cognitive and analytical skills while employing the use of technology, is through modeling (Hung & Khine, 2006). A modeling activity is, generally, referred to a constructive use of objects and models in order to learn in a way of assessing individual selves (Lajoie, 2000). An example of a modeling activity that involves the use of technology is Spreadsheets (Jonassen, Carr & Yueh, 1998). These are basically, computerized record keeping systems which were launched with the purpose of substituting manually-held accounting systems. Perhaps, an accounting student might know its best usage. Apparently, it is a grid having rows and columns represented by numbers and letters respectively. Each row and column has a number of empty cells which is open to be used by the user to put in his/her desired values. It works in a way that values and formulas are fed to th e spreadsheet, which itself manipulates the values into other cells according to desired action made by the user. These spreadsheets are user-friendly in a way that a formula applied once would automatically be applied by the computer to all the values inserted by the user and the values would thus, be recalculated. The modeling activities have been termed to be under the umbrella of Engagement Theory, which advocates that students willingly engage themselves in an environment where they learn things which might not be so well taught by a human instructor as the processes of cognition, problem solving, evaluation and self-improvement are done individually (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999). But here, problem solving is the main focus. The same applies to simulation activities as well as regards to cognition, analysis and evaluation. There are a number of examples related to technology-based simulation type of activities. One such example is that of the Microworlds in which the students use

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