Friday, July 26, 2019

Electronic Communication in the Workplace Assignment

Electronic Communication in the Workplace - Assignment Example An unfortunate incident in the corporate sector is that of Royal and SunAlliance Insurance Company. The organization sacked and disciplined employees involved in the distribution and emailing of pornographic content. The time allocated to the viewing and distribution of the illegal content at the workplace is a clear indication of misappropriation of resources in the company. The unanticipated fall in employee count disorganized the structure of the organization. Consequently, the output of the organization decreased. The company ought to address the misconduct of email at work through employment policies. It is necessary for each staff to go through these policies and agreeing to them by signing the document if it is in hard copy. Installation of email filtering software is vital for monitoring the employees and in punishing the offenders of the employment policies. In addition to that, the employer is responsible for addressing the issue in regular meetings by insisting a high level of formality in the use emails both externally and internally. Implementation of the mentioned guidelines at the workplace is a holistic approach to the elimination of unproductiveness at the workplace while promoting ethics in the business. The purpose of writing is to announce the implementation of guidelines for the use of the company’s email as a tool of communication within the workplace. The decision resulted from recently revealed statistics on the abuse of the resource in the company. The use of employment policies as a guideline is vital in mitigating the email misuse. Employment policies of the company have undergone revision. The inclusion of Internet and email use as a section in the policies is a necessary move in the implementation and enforcement of the rear mentioned guideline. Attached is a revised copy of the employment policies. Take time to go through each policy related to the use of Internet and email.  

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