Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Creative Brief Essay Example for Free

Creative Brief EssayIs to increase the inspiration of milk among the teenage group so that they would confound less sugary and carbonated drinks that would harm their health .The ProductMilk is by far the healthiest beverage after water . Milk helps to strengthen the finger cymbals and the teeth . Milk drinking drops off sharply in the teenage years because it is considered to be bad and most of teenagers are worried about the calories and fat . Part of it has to do with the lack of flavours and the promotional material creation dull . This is what we found out about the product we decided to help , which is HL Milk by Marig superannuated .Target AudienceOur target audience would be males and females aged from 16 to 25 years old .Milk is a beverage that every parent would tell their kids to drink as children , though most of them til now drink milk for breakfast but they still choose to drink other drinks the likes of ascorbic acid , pepsi or ribena .Milk has become less relevant to their lifestyles . They think milk doesnt go well with foods like Mcd , Pizza and KFC . Why they choose soft drinks is because the soft drinks are exciting , versatile and its an acceptable secondary to milk .Promise and supportPromise right aways milk can help the teenagers become strong and dynamical . Looking at the hectic schedule teenagers have these days ,it is recommended to drink milk to help them facial expression fresh and energized the whole day . Support.Milk has the nutrition the body needs to look and feel dynamic. Today most teenage athletes and famous teen celebrities drink milk . Ice cold milk savoring great especially with HL Milks 3 new taste which are witness , coffee and mango . It has a more refreshing taste to it . Not to heavy nor to creamy . Its sparkling and smooth . Brand personality.The personality now of HL Milk is dull and there isnt any attractive colours that would attract a consumer to get it . Some consumers especially teenagers look at the packaging before purchasing products . If its attractive and youthful they would purchase it .The old packaging is very practical and buttoned-up as it only has 2 colours with no pictures on the box . The needed personality for teenagers to pervert the HL Milk would be exhuberant , contemparory and youthful . The packaging would suit the lifestyle of the teenagers . The would be shy to drink milk in public .

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