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Job Analysis Master Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Job Analysis Master - prove ExampleIt is stated, that labor analysis is a process used to identify the important tasks of a job and the intrinsic competencies an individual should possess to satisfactorily perform the job. (Clifford, 1994) The purposes of job analysis ar multiple, as well as there are multiple methods for conducting it.The aim of the overwork is to distinguish the main strengths and weaknesses of the job analysis methods actual at present, with separate outing to identify the most effective among them, if it appears to be possible it is also congenital to try defining, which methods are mostly applicable in various instances, and should there be made any amendments to the job analysis methods, which are not most often used. The reasons for conducting the present research are the following2. It is not yet understood, whether there is the need for the creation of any new methods, with the aim of which it is necessary first to judge the strengths and weaknesses of the existing methods.The arguments to follow in the work will be based first of all, on the literary sources used in the present work, which are four and are represented by the peer reviewed journal articles and books on the topic. The arguments will also be based on the discussion of the existing advantages and disadvantages of the methods. The main aims of the resolving power are to be specified as followsThe conclusion to be reached will be based on the set aims, a... 2. It will be conclude which of the job analysis methods at present appear to be the most effective and display minimum disadvantages3. It will be necessary to conclude, whether the already described in literature job analysis methods need more bulky learning4. It will be necessary to conclude, whether there is need in creating any new job analysis methods.The conclusion to be reached will be based on the set aims, and will include the answers on the abovementioned questions. I guess, it will be beneficial to make the core of the conclusion related to the most effective job analysis methods among the already described.AnalysisIdentification and coverage of the main issuesThe rationale for the job analysis in general lies in the aim of protecting the public by assuring that individuals, who work in an occupation or profession are at least minimally competent. (Gael, 1993) Thus, one of the key issues in discussing job analysis methods is in identifying, which of them appears to be more effective, and is thus the most reliable for ensuring this individual safety mentioned. Another key issue, is that despite the extensive literature sources on the topic, the importance of researching job analysis methods with distinguishing their strengths and weaknesses is not given due importance, and thus this work will be an additional attempt to provide the employer with the analysis of the key methods, making him understand the essential role which job analysis methods play in hiring qualified workers. The main methods of job analysis cigaret be identified as follows1. Observation. Levin and Ash (1999) state, that the core issue of any observation in proportion to job analysis is

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