Sunday, April 28, 2019

Experience of vendor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Experience of marketer - Essay ExampleBeing a vendor even with a simple product much(prenominal) as selling lemonade to our community made me appreciate the basic principles of business. One important principle is that my sales must be higher than my expenses. Although most of my supplies came from our kitchen, I still have to think about net income and that my sales should be more than the things that I bought from the grocery such as cups, containers etch.The experience alike taught me blue-chip lesson that it is tough to make money. Customers are fickle and ask a lot of questions even with conscionable a simple lemonade and they could be demanding. As a vendor and seller, I cannot of course complain because customers are always right (I learn that somewhere). We teenagers often do not arrive at how hard it is to earn money because we just ask it for our parents who in turn has to earn them to provide for the family and that includes us who as a lot of things from hence e ven if many of it are not important. Vending which involves an effort to make money made me realize that money does not grow on trees and it has to be earned sometimes, the hard way.My experience as a vendor selling lemonade and sandwiches to our community may be tough hardly it has its rewards as well. After the vacation where I did the selling, I saved whole my sales and was surprised and happy to have earned that much. I made few hundred dollars and at that time, it was the biggest amount of money that I ever got hold of and it felt up good. It felt very good to have that money not because I felt rich but because I earned them by myself. I can still remember when I had that money the things that I can with it. But since I cannot decide, I asked my parents who in turn took the significant portion of it to open a savings account for me and only gave me enough to spend.The reaction of my parents on how to handle my earnings from vending also taught me a valuable lesson to be fina ncially wise. Being financially wise meant not spending all the

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