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Territorial Expansion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Territorial Expansion - Essay ExampleThe independent state of Texas had planned its fate from a long snip that it would be annexed with the US, despite Mexicans continual threads to stop this policy-making thinking by the use of force. Congress approved the appropriation of Texas on February 28, 1845. In 1937, an early time in the US history, White House made attempts to annex Taxis within the US domain. As concisely as this news gained some momentum, rationalist groups started to protest against it. Down with strong frustrated resistance to adding buckle down states as a part of the United States. In a matter of time the socialist and policy-making thinking went in the favor of Texas as soon as James Polk won the elections of 1844 in Texas. And finally, on Dec 29, 1845 Texas was annexed as a part of US territory. The growing conflicts between the US and Mexico led to a war between the two. There was no way for Mexico win over the US, and it lost wretchedly. Once the US occupie d Texas, they opened it for the US civilians. What were the short-term consequences of the acquisition of this particular territory? The immediate consequence of annexation of Texas was that as soon as Texas gained the authority of a state, Mexico cancelled all the diplomatic relationships with the US. The United States eternally claimed that the border of Texas was stretched all the way from Rio de Genera do, quoting the 1836 Treaties of Velasco. ... The primary battles of the combat were fought in Texas in which US was victorious. After these all-important(a) victories, the United States marched into Mexican territory, finishing the clash in Texas. After the annexation, Stephen Austin took control and under his commands the Texas biotic community flourished. He insisted the American immigrants to abide the law. In a short time of a decade, Texas population increase by 1500 inhabitants. Some of the immigrants were traitors, with a variety of legal complexity. It was not astonish ing that the Mexican administration in the end came to believe the Texans, as they were named at the time, a crowd of infamous crooks, even though the majority was polished natives. Texas was incredibly of a safe haven for the US citizens who had motive to leave house. One of the initially firmly tasks for the Texans was that they lacked resources. entirely still they were always willing to fight with Mexico. Following a few concise combats, Mexican ruler Santa Anna individually led a militia of several thousand fine skilled host into Texas to put down the revolution. The Texas armed forces, which never figured further than 800, had slight experience in war. Therefore, they go through an intimidating task. The analysis at that time of some 300 Texans employees, set as capitalists, executives, laborers, and wide-ranging help workers, disclose that the consequential work strength included, Americans, Europeans, and Indians. This combination went unsuccessful to even out this is olated area, which was insufficient in formal, communal, political, and financial association. Texas rustlers caused anarchy. Deprived supervision ended in overstocking, and lack of care commenced critical diseases. But these

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