Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Chicano film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Chicano film - Essay Example Besides, the film Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston, an American film director deals with the cruelties of Columbian mafia. Thesis statement: Evaluation of the films- The Official Story, Like Water for Chocolate and Maria Full of Grace to unearth the socio-political influence on individual freedom. When one consider the purpose of a film, the mindset of the director towards his/her society gains due importance. In the film The Official Story by Luis Puenzo, the aim/purpose of the director is to unveil the crimes committed by despotic military regime in Argentina. Alberto Elana and Maria Diaz Lopez quote Jorge Abel Martin to illustrate the film’s importance as it portrays human life like a huge mirror which is capable to reflect thousands of faces in it (Elana and Lopez 182). The director’s aim is to force the viewers to identify their own emotions with that of the female characters in the film. The return of democratic system in 1983 opened a new phase of freedom to writers and directors in Argentina. The directors began to use cinema as a medium to express their views on the issues when Argentina was under military rule. So, the purpose of this film is to create awareness among mass about the recent history of Argentina. But on the other side, the purpose/ aim of the director of the film Like Water for Chocolate is to attract the attention of the viewers towards the inevitable change in the Mexican society and its attitude towards womenfolk. For instance, the female character Tita de la Garza is forced to stay unmarried due to the tradition of de la Garza family which does not allow the youngest daughter to lead a married life. Instead, Tita is forced to stay at her home and to take care of her family. This inhuman attitude supported by the tradition crush her love affair with Pedro. So, one can easily identify that the purpose of the film Like Water for

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