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John quincy adams Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

John quincy adams - Research Paper Example ncy, born on 11 July 1767, spent most of his early years in Braintree with his parents John and Abigail Adams who taught him classics, Mathematics, and languages. John Quincy, at the age of ten, began travelling to Europe with his father who was a diplomat, enabling him to serve as a secretary of state at a young age. John Quincy spent time in Paris and studied art, music and fencing, and when he was old enough, went to Massachusetts where he specialized in law up to 1790. Quincy was a lawyer for a short period until he was drawn to civic discourse that was a precursor to his life in the public office. John Quincy became a lawyer after graduating at Harvard University, until the age of 26 when he got an appointment to become minister for the Netherlands. Quincy then got promoted to Berlin Legation and became elected in 1802, as a Senator. He worked for six years until he got an appointment of being minister for Russia. Quincy Adams was one of the greatest State Secretaries who worked under President Monroe, and this is evident in his arrangement of England’s joint occupation of Oregon country and the formulation of the Monroe Doctrine. However, Quincy declined calls from Madison to become one of the judges of the Supreme Court in 1811 (Hewson 41). The 1824 presidential elections won by John, was the first ever after the passage of the Twelfth Amendment, and with the collapse of the competition that used to exist between the Federalists and Republicans, personal and sectional conflicts arouse to replace party politics. John Quincy Adams had an embodiment regarding parties, but enforced political principles that focused on antislavery, and this challenged Jacksonian democracy. In addition, his high-minded stances weakened him as a president especially during sessions in the congress. President John Quincy had programs, which were meant to create a national market, and included the creation universities, canals, and roads among other initiatives. His strategies

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