Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Communication Basics Answers Essay

1.3 Communication Basics learning objectives Describe how the communication principles and misconceptions in Chapter 1 are evident in a specific situation. Assess the needs (physical, identity, social, and practical) that communicators are attempting to satisfy in a given situation or relationship. Apply the transactional communication model to a specific situation. Instructions Use the case below and the discussion questions that follow to discuss the variety of communication issues involved in effective communication. Make notes on this page, add other pages on your own, or prepare a group report/analysis based on your discussion. Add your own experiences to individualize the analysis. Case Kristie and Jacob have been dating one another exclusively for four months. They both have part-time jobs and hope to complete their college studies within two years. Jacob thinks they should move in together. Kristie is reluctant to agree until she has more commitment from Jacob. Jacob doesn’t want to make promises he can’t keep. Kristie thinks that if they just communicate more they will be able to solve the problem, but Jacob thinks that talking about it more won’t help. 1. What needs (physical, identity, social, and/or practical) do Kristie and Jacob seem to have? It seems that both need each others presence but Kristie wants more of a committed relationship than Jacob, she wants him to be all in but Jacob feels its unnecessary to communicate with Kristie & get and understanding he rather just make things happen than to talk about making them happen. 2. Identify one element of the communication model that might help explain some of the communication problems they are having and help them communicate more effectively. A part of Kristie & Jacobs problem could be their separate environments  channeling their miscommunication creating a window of bad noise. So maybe if they were in a positive environment together they’d have a better understanding of each others wants. 3. What communication principles and/or misconceptions described in Chapter 1 may be operating in this situation? Kristie seems to have a content dimension while Jacob is relational because Kristie wants to talk about things and have better communication to move forward while Jacob rather act first and discuss later. 4. What likely role will mediated communication play in the scenario? Mediated communication is playing a likely role in this situation due to the fact both Kristie & Jacob are still in school and working that could be the leading cause of their communication. 5. How would you advise Jacob and Kristie to proceed with their communication practices? My advice to Jacob & Kristie moving forward would be to make time for them to find a common ground to understand each other & find a way around their separation if they feel the relationship is worth it and compromise for each other.

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