Friday, October 18, 2019

Contemporary Latino Narrative Film Research Paper

Contemporary Latino Narrative Film - Research Paper Example The paper will finally present a critical analysis of the director’s work. The movie, Motorcycle Diaries released in 2004 was an adaptation of the book with the same name written as a memoir by Che Guevara himself. It was directed by Walter Sallers and starred Gael Garcia Bernal as Ernesto Guevara and Rodrigo De la Serna as Alberto Granado (IMDB). The movie begins with a youthful happiness as two friends. Ernesto and Granado begin on a journey of fun and adventure that would transport them to a leper colony where they plan to provide their services as medical men. The aim of the journey is mostly to have fun and Ernesto take on his motorcycle, Le Poderosa as the mode of transportation. However, along their journey, Guevara meets with poverty stricken people who are severely impacted by the capitalist society and this transform Guevara into a man who feels that these people should be represented and should fight for equal rights by developed a communist regime. When one sees that movie as a transformation of the protagonist, one will find a remarkable change in Guevara from the beginning of the movie till the end. The movie begins on a lighthearted note where one is able to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of the two young men who have no responsibilities of the world. Having always lived within their own circle, these two men are unaware of the plight of the communist living within their own country. In the beginning, the talk of these men is centered on girls and having fun and adventure. They laugh often, they joke often and they are like any other typical men of their age (Christianson, 13). The transformation in Guevara however is not very sudden. Even while having the adventure of his lifetime, the viewers see a responsible man in certain instances. Since Guevara belonged to the medical profession, his eyes were open for the patients among the people he met. While his friend, Granardo was more

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