Saturday, June 22, 2019

CASE 7 Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

7 - Case Study Exampletead of passenger shippers to ensure that the nighttime services offered by the cargo shippers coincided with posterior afternoon pick-ups and next-time deliveries (Hill, 2011), which were actually the choice of customers. Again, Federal Express took much responsibility of the services it offered to customers and this has remained till date. This is done by ensuring that even in the case of house-to-house deliveries the company uses its internal delivery agents instead of relying on external third party companies. With this, customers are assured to guaranteed delivery and are well informed of whom to go to when the need arises.Computer companies that follow different business models are Apple and Dell. Apple follows a cost leadership strategy emphasizing quantity all over quality with its Big Bell Value menu. With this, the company perceives growth from a perspective where every individual entering the premises of the company can shorten as many information and communication technology tools as possible. As more people are served with various hardware and software, even at set about prices, the accumulated revenue increases. Dell follows a focused differentiation strategy with its limited hardware manufacturing. Unlike Apple, thither is total absence of software manufacturing. With this, there is a belief in the need to specialize in one area only so that with the provision of quality products, costs can be increased to meet expected revenue

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