Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Plan for Low-Cost Automated Inventory System Assignment

Plan for Low-Cost Automated Inventory System - subsidisation ExampleIt includes 3 more sub systems.Manually, it is very difficult to keep much(prenominal) information accurate and updated in the stock registers and the business financially may become in loss when incorrect information of their item has been entered in these registers. So, it is very necessary to make their inventory and accounting system computerized. For that purpose you bring forth a database for your small business Cloth-Shop, which provide you such environment from which you can handle the process of inventory and accounting at the same time by investing nominal cost on it.Ms-Access, a database system is basically just a computerized record keeping system used to create such programs where transactions are needed because it keeps the data in the form of tables on which a user can perform variety of operations easily and quickly. such(prenominal) asCreate 3 tables, one for customer information, second for item information, and third for stock availability. Required fields for Table 1 are Customer-id, Customer-name, Item-no, Date-Purchase, Item-Price, etcetera For Table 2 are Item-no, Size, color, Quantity, date-received, company-no. etc. For Table 3 are Item- no., Item-sold, Item available

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