Monday, June 17, 2019

Social net working in the uk Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Social net working in the uk - Essay ExampleThis penning seeks to discuss social net working in the UK.Individual in United Kingdom use BBC Suffolk website to interact with other people where they use it on base a traditional output known as BBC Radio. In most cases, parley among the youth is done through social networking which has made the means of communication cheaper compared with other means. Since the use of social networking websites is a valuable mode of communication globally, groups, feeds and other contents are being utilise by BBC Suffolk and its programmes.For one to placement BBC Suffolk groups one must be a member of facebook and BBC Suffolk so that he or she can interact with others in different social networking. Facebook has more than cl million users around the world. The use of social networking like facebook gives an individual a chance to communicate with friends from each corner of the world1. Additionally, peer counseling and sharing of cerebrate proble ms are posted in the site where peers can help one another to solve the problems facing them. Individuals who are members of facebook can as well tie in groups dedicated to musicians where one can view the recent released albums or campaigns which are being held or to be started.This is a social networking site that is mainly used by the UK young people since it is associated with music and especially the one that is current in the food market. The musicians use the site to post their current album released and this help them to market them and advertise their music globally. BBC Suffolk is a site that is used by those who want to support the musicians around the United Kingdom where any kind of support is given. modify of what one is doing is posted in the Twitter where the numbers of characters are limited to 140 which are then linked to other sites which make it interesting. Videos can in addition be linked in the Twitter handle which can be posted and later friends will view them making it possible to communicate

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