Thursday, June 13, 2019

Immigration in the UK Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8000 words

Immigration in the UK - Dissertation ExampleImmigration in the United Kingdom has been hike at an unprecedented rate offering benefits and challenges to the government of the United Kingdom. The UK recognized the immigration laws and act by introducing the Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962. Prior to this, people were still to move in the country without prosecution. Immigration issues came into the limelight during the tenure of the Labour Government that did not focus much on immigration issues and problems. Immigration was not limited and was expanding mainly on the economic grounds. People move to another country mainly because of professional opportunities and based on this notion, skilled labors without any line offer were allowed to migrate in the country, this created the pressure on the economy along with affecting the social environment in the form of creating a gap between the demand and supply factor. Immigration laws and regulations are ever changing and at present have drawn great attention from every corner of the social, business, and governmental environment making it one of the most important acts having direct influence over the social and political environment. The scope of the research can be considered as quite broad considering the fact that it assesses and investigates the immigration policies of the UK in a logical and systematic manner. Moreover, the research also investigates the immigration policies of other countries in the literature reexamination to form an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of immigration.

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