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The History Of Holiday Representatives

The History Of Holi twenty-four hours RepresentativesThey ar responsible for people between the ages of cardinal to thirty during activities and night life entertainment which is normally held in the clubs around. They defecate to meet and greet people at the drome so its their job to affect sure they know the amount of people they chip in to pick up at the airport. They are responsible to allow great communicating skills and to be fit to meet new people everyday who they will then imbibe to work out after for a couple of geezerhood.To the organisationAs they will be clubbing away most of the nights including the representative they have to experience sure that the surrounding areas are safe for their customers. Health and safety checks are important this is in mooring of an incident which could occur in particular if customers communicate too drunk so therefore the most important thing is to buttup the place movementable as possible and keep things where you fou nd them.To suppliersThere job is in addition to sell excursion like club and pub crawls, events outside the hotel and pool parties so therefore there accountability is to make sure they are buying tickets from withdraw suppliers at a reasonable price especially because the representative look after a lot of people every week.Roles and DutiesMeet and greet (Roles)18-30 representatives have to take thousands of passengers all over the Mediterranean every summer and so therefore they have to meet and greet some people. In order to be keep the passengers amused they need to have a great familiarity in communicating with them and have loads of authorization and enthusiasm.TransfersThey transfer guests to and from the airport and hotels every day, they control airport transfers which means its an early start to take the departures to the airport and meet all the new arrivals. They are there to make sure that there are no problems with lost baggage or coaches.Welcome meetingsThey h ave to conduct take in meetings which could be every day depending on the amount of clients or customers coming into the re break that you are currently working at. Welcome meetings exist of all the information that the guests need to know regarding excursions and activities within the hotel itself.Information bookletsThey are busy every day looking after their customers and participating in m all activities and going on different excursions but they whitethorn have a bit of free clock time to get together an information booklet. This will flag customers an idea of what they will be doing during their stay.Health and safety checksThey complete risk assessments and health and safety checks which is very important and they will also have to make sure everything is up to standard. When they conduct these checks they will need to report any concerns they may have to someone who is higher than them in their career, they report incidents which they think is unsafe and they are not ab le to resolve on their own.Selling (e.g. excursions, car hire)They organise the entertainment for pool parties, club and pub crawls and party nights and they print morose all the tickets needed for the events during the week. They also get involved in the activities they make sure all clubs are safe and that the activities are located in appropriate areas.Calculating payments (e.g. currency, commissions, liquidation)They have to collect and balance foreign money and have a great knowledge to how to give discounts this may be used if a customer is not happy with their hotel room for pillowcase the flush handle on the toilet is broken. Calculating foreign money can be kind of difficult so they have to make sure they are giving the right amount to the customers because all pounds and notes are different world wide.Administration and paperworkThey sort out all the reports and make sure that everyone has all the paperwork which they will need for the airport and the relapses in gener al. They also check that no last minute bookings have been made and report all the tickets that have been sold and expenses and suppliers that have been paid out that week. hassle solving (e.g. overbookings, complaints)They answer customers queries and problems, for example a passenger may have an accident in one of the night clubs and have to been taken to infirmary in an unavoidableness so its their job to go on that hospital trip with that passenger. This is because you will have to explain everything that happened and also because you are their representative during their stay.Non second incidents (e.g. accidents, illness, emergency situations)Accidents and illness are a major situation and if for example a customer has jumped into the pool completely drunk, 18-30 representatives job is to make sure that there is a life guard around to jump in and get the passenger out as soon as possible.Transfer RepresentativesResponsibilitiesTo the customerThey are responsible to meet and g reet passengers at the airport and take them to their hotel spa along with a talk on their journey to their accommodation keeping them entertained with commentary talk. They also have to keep an eye of each(prenominal) customers luggage so they get given the right one and their main job is to collect money from their customers followed by a receipt to show proof that they have paid.To the organisationTheir responsibility is to let the receptionist at the hotel know how many passengers they will be bringing in and taking out each day so they know what rooms to clean. Health and safety checks regularly are important so all passengers can feel safe around the area these embarrass checking hotel facilities and if they meet the customers requirements.To suppliersTransfer representatives are required to transfer passengers to and from the airport so therefore they have to keep in touch daily with coach companies. The reason for this is because the drivers of the coaches will need to kn ow what hotel and airport to travel to and also the number of passengers they will be enraptureing as there will need to be luggage space at the bottom of the coach.Roles and DutiesMeet and greet (Roles)They meet passengers as soon as they get off the plane and arrive at the airport with a welcoming smile and the company placard which is always needed as you dont know what your customers look like. This is followed by showing them their way to the coach with their bags and luggage.TransfersThey watch over holiday makers to and from the airport and hotels by coach and they are the first to be seen by the passengers so therefore they always need to be approachable and carry a smile with them everywhere they travel.Coach commentariesDuring the coach trips down to the resorts they will have to keep their passengers encounterd and entertained and are also responsible for conducting a welcome talk that includesbasic information about the resort which they will be staying in.Welcome mee tingsThey are normally held in the hotel itself which explains the drop offs which they will have to do regularly either at hotels or the airport, how long the trip will last altogether and when their welcome meetings will be conducted.Notice boardsThey have to choose the transport department notice board on a daily basis to remind themselves what coach they will be picking their passengers up with, the time and date, name of airport, name of hotel and also the number of passengers they will be collecting.Health and safety checksThey have to ensure all health and safety requirements are met in relation to transfers and carry them out on all hotels. This is important because you do not want passengers to carry a complaint about the rooms especially if its their first time staying in that hotel.Calculating payments (e.g. currency, commissions, liquidation)They will have to collect money from clients followed by a receipt to show evidence that the passenger have paid and also keep in mind the number of passengers they are taking making sure they identify their baggage. To help speed up the routine they could count the number of baggage personally.Administration and paperworkThey have to accurately complete paperwork relating to transfers in relation with company guidelines and resort timeframes, complete basic records and write reports.Problem solving (e.g. overbookings, complaints)They have to deal with lost luggage and any injuries and thefts which may occur either at the resort or at the airport out front getting picked up.Non routine incidents (e.g. accidents, illness, emergency situations)If any serious accidents occur or someone is seriously ill then they call for help as their routine is to only complete the paperwork where they record the accidents for example time, date, place, name of person and the accident that has happened.Childrens RepresentativesResponsibilitiesTo the customerThey are responsible to look after young children and keep them entert ained by involving in a variety of activities in the hotel itself as well as outside and also to organise events and day trips out. Their main job is to intelligent up after every mess they make and this is all due to health and safety, if an accident was to happen involving a child you will have responsibility for that and their parents will not feel safe to ease up their child with you.To the organisationAs they will be busy entertaining young children with board activities, quizzes, flick and drawing they have to make sure every area is clean and suitable for the kids to move around the room. Activities which are held in the resort itself can be quite nosy especially young children as they get excited easily, so therefore its the representatives job to make sure they are on their topper behaviour and can keep the noise down as there will be people in their rooms and moving around the building.To suppliersChildren Representatives are mainly required to hire a hall or a room at a hotel for the kids to be kept entertained for a day or two so they will have to rely on staff working in the hotel. This is because they will need to know where everything is to put it tail at the end of the day and what equipment they are allowed to use.Roles and DutiesMeet and greet (Roles)They have to build a great rapport with the children as well as their parents on arrival and explain how you will be their guide throughout their holiday they will be responsible for escorting guests to their hotel.Welcome meetingsThey also hold a welcome meeting which consists of promoting holidays to the children and their parents advertising the childrens club alongside an overseas consultant.Notice boardsNotice boards are required as they have to advertise what they will be doing each day, the times of each activity including snack and lunch breaks and also where the activities are going to be placed. The notice board will be up for the childrens parents to keep them informed of details o f excursions as this includes travelling outside of the hotel.Information bookletsInformation booklets can be given out to parents and their children either on the coach, at the resort itself on the reception desk or even in their hotel rooms this includes all the activities, excursions to do, restaurants around, fire exits and contact details of the hotel and the representative.Health and safety checksThey have to focus on the health and safety of the children within the club environment and during the activities they participate in. This is to ensure no accidents or injuries occur within the resort and to make sure that the hotel is environmentally friendly. They also complete risk assessments for the childrens club and off-site as well as identifying the risks.Selling (e.g. excursions, car hire)They organise the activities to do and also the excursions meaning days out and taking the children to visit somewhere, they have to contact wherever they wish to visit and to let them kno w roughly the times they will enter and give up and also the number of children visiting.Calculating payments (e.g. currency, commissions, liquidation)They will have to collect payments from parents if they wish for their child to exit out of the hotel building and visit places with their guide and other children. They also need to have some background knowledge of different currencies because different countries require different types of money.Administration and paperworkChildrens representative complete accident forms in case of a serious fall which required an ambulance and they record incidents including time, date, place and what happened. Their job is also to maintain attendance lists and register this is in case of an emergency where everyone has to leave the building, occasionally count that they have the right number of children with them, collect parents contact details and book in and out procedures.Problem solving (e.g. overbookings, complaints)They answer any question s parents may have and deal with any complaints for example a child was wearing a cardigan outside the hotel on her excursion with her team leader and came back to her parents without the cardigan. The parents will then argue about their daughters cardigan and it will be the childrens representative job to try and get it back by phoning wherever they had visited for the day.Non routine incidents (e.g. accidents, illness, emergency situations)Children have different needs some have walking difficulties so therefore uses a wheelchair, some may be either blind or deaf, others may have an allergy to a certain food whereas others may have health needs e.g. eczema, asthma or diabetes. If any child has a serious accident for example a child on a wheelchair falls over then they will have the responsibility to deal with that so before looking after children they have to make sure they know each childs personal details.Organising activities (e.g. childrens club)They organising daytime and eve ning activities which include singing competitions, quizzes, board games, swelling games which is held in the club, around the club and off-site. Excursions include children theme parks, aquariums, water parks, swimming pools, farms and zoos. They read bedtime stories to get them to fall asleep as some kids can be hyper from their day out and therefore cannot fall asleep. They also create safe activities for all ages, including anything from pyjama parties and sports days through to pirate and fairytalethemed shows and activities.Managing groupsUsing their communication and observation skills they help all the children they look after to manage behaviour, resolve conflict and help them participate in activities. This will help them boost their confidence and enjoy something they have never done before or anything they thought they would never be able to do.CleaningAfter each activity they are responsible to tidy up the mess which is left after a full day of different activities, th is will help reduce accidents and injuries which could occur during the day if for example someone left a chair in the middle of the room.

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