Thursday, August 8, 2019

Are all Americans that Attend Sunday Church Christians Essay

Are all Americans that Attend Sunday Church Christians - Essay Example Christian critics have debated the role of the Sabbath day and what Christians should do during the day. However, the major area of contention is the activities that man is supposed to be engaged during the day in accordance with the Christian teachings. The creation process according to Alister (1999, p53) occurred at the beginning, where there ‘was a word and the word was God’. This process is described in Genesis, a book contained in the Old Testament written many centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ, from whom Christians follow His teachings. The birth of Jesus Christ whom Christians regard as the son of God and as God himself exemplified the Sabbath day from which modern Christians follow in churches. The idea of Sabbath from the period that God created the world to the time of Jesus ministry has virtually remained unchanged and current Christians emulate the work and teachings of Jesus Christ on the Sabbath day. Many theologians have researched on the relatio nship between work and Sabbath in the Christian teachings. Karl Barth (1979, p40) a seasoned theologian argues that on the Sabbath day, God rested to celebrate his creation. In this regard, all Christians should leave behind their daily activities and join others in fellowship to celebrate God’s creations. ... The New Testament documents many incidents where Jesus observed the Sabbath day in accordance with God’s commandment. In Luke4:16, Jesus is recorded to have gone in the synagogue on the Sabbath day where he taught and read sermons to the congregation. Luke 6: 6 documents an incident when Jesus taught the congregation about a man whose hand was withered. These incidents demonstrate that Jesus celebrated the Sabbath day by engaging in God’s work. He worshipped, taught, and prayed with other believers in addition to performing miracles (Bruce, 2000, p34). Jesus Christ’s actions on the Sabbath day and are compliant with God’s commandment, which requires all believers to observe the day and keep it holy. Many critics have questioned why Jesus Christ performed miracles on the Sabbath day whereas God had forbidden work on that day. However, Jesus work was dedicated to God’s ministry, a practice that modern Christians follow to date. Attending Sunday church services is the continuation of God’s work and the mere action of attending the services qualifies all worshippers to be Christians. However, not all Americans attending the Sunday church service are Christian unless they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. According to Alister (1999, p63), Christianity is a calling where believers are supposed to accept their failings and dedicate themselves to learn God commands. Accepting their weaknesses involves acknowledging that they are sinners and then seeking for forgiveness. Repentance according to Alister (1999, p 58) brings ‘change’ to a person by adopting a lifestyle that is compliant with God’s teachings. In addition, the repentant Christian should undergo baptism.

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