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Two contrasting religious Essay Example for Free

Two contrasting religious Essay Compare the similarities and differences in the practices and beliefs of individuals from two contrasting religious or secular groups. In M1 I will be discussing the similarities and differences of Islam and Christianity. I will be discussing about the religions origins, worship, festivals, clothing, beliefs and diet. Origins A similarity of Islam and Christianity is that they both believe in one God (Christianity Jesus) (Islam Allah). A difference is that both religions have different countries of origin. Islam originated from Makkah and Madina which is situated in Saudi Arabia and Christianity originated from Jerusalem in Israel. Islam began in the 7th century, God sent his message through the prophet Mohammed showing how to worship God, and how to perfect life. Islam spread through East Asia, Central Europe and North Africa. Today Islam is recorded to be the fastest growing religion in the world. Christianity developed in the 1st century; Christianity came from the religion Judaism Christianity began with the apostles of Jesus. Christianity mostly spread because Jesus and his disciples went from town to town preaching about the Jewish law. Christianity is practiced in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, Germany, Philippines, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Nigeria. The first mosque was built in Madina. The first Christian church was founded in 33AD in Jerusalem. Worship A similarity of Islam and Christianity is that they both have holy places they worship at. Christians worship at a church usually on a Sunday; Muslims worship at a mosque, Muslims usually go to the mosque on Fridays or any day of the week. The difference is that they worship on different days. Muslims can pray together or by themselves and can pray at home or workplace as long as the place is clean and quiet. Christians and Muslims worship to get closer their Gods. Christians can worship at church or home they can also pray by themselves or in a group; Christians pray to get closer to God. A difference is that Islam requires Muslims to pray five times a day and with Christianity Christians are require praying once a day or more if they want to. Christians and Muslims both pray to get closer to God. A similarity is that both religions both religions have holy books that they read. A  difference is that Islam has the Quran and Christianity has the Holy Bible. Christians and Muslims read their holy books to learn more about their religions and for guidance through their lives. Christians and Muslims read their holy books to gain knowledge too. Festivals A similarity of Islam and Christianity is that they both have one main festival they celebrate Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25th Muslims celebrate Eid the date for Eid changes every year Muslims will celebrate Eid after Ramadan. A difference is that Christianity has a specific time of the year to celebrate Christmas and Eid moves from time to time every year. Both religions celebrate these festivals by having a big feast, spending time with family and buying new clothes. Christmas in the birth of Jesus during this period Christians usually exchange gifts, spend time with friends and family, wear new clothes and have a big dinner which is call Christmas dinner. Eid is the celebration of Ramadan; Ramadan is the periods when muslims fast for 30 days and they are allow to eat after sunset. The day after Ramadan is Eid, Eid is when muslims spend time with family and friends, eat, and buy new clothes to wear. Beliefs Some of the similarities are that both religions believe in one God, and both have a holy book they believe in. A difference is that Muslims believe in seven main things; Belief in God, belief in the prophets, belief in the angels, belief in the holy book which is the Quran, belief in the judgement day, belief in life after death and belief in the good and bad. Christians believe that God is the father of Jesus. Another similarity is that both religions believe in life after death. Christianise believes in the Bible, they believe in God, they believe that God sent Jesus they believe that God came through Jesus as a human form. Muslims believe in that Mohammed is the last messenger, they believe you go to heaven or hell on the day of judgement and Christians also believe you go heaven or hell once you on the day of judgement. Clothing A difference of clothing is that Muslims women cover their hair with a hijab (head scarf) this is by choice. Christianity doesn’t require women to cover  their hair. Some Muslims men can cover their hair with a topi if they want to. Christianity doesn’t require men to cover their hair. Some women can wear a long dress called jilbab. A similarity is that both religions require you to dress modesty. Muslims women wear theses because you are not allowed to show your figure (jilbab) and they wear the hijab to not show their beauty so no one is looking at them in the wrong way. Is it written in the Quran that you can cover your hair and it says that you should wear clothing that doesn’t show your figure. Diet A difference is that Islam requires Muslims to eat only certain foods like halal meat. Muslims aren’t allowed to eat lard, pork, any foods with gelatine and food or drinks that contain alcohol. Christians believe that God has given them the animals to eat as well to have and take off. Some Christians may eat only fish on Good Friday or just one or two meals. During lent Christians may give up something they really like, like chocolate until Easter Sunday. Christians may eat bread and drink wine every Sunday to remember Jesus and what he did. 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