Tuesday, August 13, 2019

James Doolittle in Aviation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

James Doolittle in Aviation - Essay Example This was not only saving on the cost of fuel for landing and taking off but also saves a lot of time. His acceleration tests indicated that pilots are people who are highly skilled, have endurance in their work and whatever situation they are in when airborne as well as being marked with courage. Aviation is not a very smooth and easy career but with enough education and the characteristics mentioned above, Doolittle showed that all was possible in aviation. He helped create the Air Force Association in 1947 which as meant to assist the military pilots with their aviation issues only they could understand. His most notable achievement according to Krebs, (1993) is the development of instrument flying which involved pilots being trained on using different instruments to navigate and even take control of the aircraft during weather conditions such as clouds, fog, and precipitation among others which were previously hard to maneuver. What his contributions did is make aviation a more lo vable and less feared career. It also made the pilots already in the field become proud of their achievements and especially when the association was formed where they got to share. The development of the instrument flying enabled the pilots to prevent blind flying which was brought about by confusion in motion senses during flying. His courage also gave the other pilots and pilots aspirants have the courage to try out their own â€Å"tricks† that would ensue in later aviation developments and discoveries.

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