Monday, August 26, 2019

Comparing different philosophical theory Research Paper

Comparing different philosophical theory - Research Paper Example The main weakness of the idea is that it may justify an action that is carried out under free will and personal selection. Roberts points out that the idea eliminates the use of free will as a causing factor of an activity (35). Compatibilism on the other hand provides that the argument presented by determinism and free will are viable (Bobzien 28). The idea is of the assumption that a person may take part in an activity out of free will. Consequently, the person may take part in an activity an influence by another event. The concept differs from determinism in that it embraces free will. The concept may be used effectively in a court case where the actions of a person should be determined either as an action from free will or influenced by another activity. This creates the strength of the concept and makes it reliable when understanding human behavior. However, the concept does not justify the influence of nature on human behavior. Bobzien is of the assumption that nature is inevitable thus it makes it a requirement to adjust and embrace free will as a source of intent (33). Libertarianism is a concept that tends to embrace the argument that free will dominates the society (Ronald 17). In addition, the concept promotes the domination of free will. The concept is created from the argument on liberty. Liberty refers to the ability of a person to make independent decision and all institution the society respects the decision. Moreover, the concept tends to approve the personal ownership of natural resources without the interference of the state. One major weakness of the concept is that it eliminates the role of social institutions in the society. It perceives as free will as the most significant factor in the society. However, it creates an advantage that provides power to the people (Ronald 23). The three concepts have major differences. The differences are created in their ability to

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