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Issue of Redemption Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Issue of Redemption - Research Paper Example He get to know the truth from Dorotes while they are both in their graves. Death does not stop their sorrow but only an addition of it. From outside the grave they endure to be troubled by the provoking dream of a joy from which they are constantly omitted. Pedro Paroma He is the hero and also the enemy in the novel Pedro Paroma. He is both the protagonist and antagonist because he takes the role of a cross purposes. He has the character of making critical decisions without fear. For instance, he was able to get rid of his debt and acquire more land (Rulfo, Pp 12). The unfortunate thing is that he cannot use his character of making critical decisions for the betterment of the society. Pedro Paroma is presented as a tragic hero since he longs dearly for Susana , but he is unable to overcome her death. The one mistake that is connected to him is the way he cannot forget the death of Susana. This is evident because he is unable to function without the motivations of Susana. Pedro is cha rged with the role of productivity as the main figurehead in his work. This is because a lot is expected from his work. Pedro is extremely immoral because he has impregnated many women in town even though he has the best interest of comal in heart. This is because he is responsibly of the well being of this town. Pedrop has many children â€Å"Padre brings many to his door step† one of them being Miguel although he can also decide to fold his arms and let the town of camola die. This has given him a strong role since he holds the power of life and productiveness in the town. The name Pedro is extremely significant in the novel. This is because the name Pedro means rock of Christ when translated in English while the name paramo means unproductive heat. This is hugely ironic because the works of Pedro collapses like a mountain of rocks after seeing what his land has turned into. Susana San Juan Pedro loves Susana more than he loves his life. The two knew each other from their c hildhood since they grew up together. Susana had a tragic experience since her parents died horrible deaths. Susana mother died friendless, and later her father died in the mines of Andromeda by Sedano so that she could be married by Pedro. Susan was affected tremendously much by the death of her first husband because she loved him extremely (Rulfo, Pp 45). The death of her husband made Susana become delusional because she talks to her self thinking that his husband is alive. Susana seems to have loved his husband for his body but not his character. Even though, Susan did have sex with Pedro, it is because he wanted her desperately. Susana never got married to Pedro because he never had a divorce with Dolores. The death Susana affects Pedro exceeding much that he even refuses to work and even lets the town perish. Susana is characterized as the rain and water because she motivated Pedro to work. The passages when she is found have a background of rain meaning Susana irrigates life. The life of Pedro and Susana has a lot of similarity. For instances, Pedro has father has died, and this is the same case with Susana who lost her father in the mines. Pedro and Susana are strongly affected when their loose the people they love. Susana is strongly affected by the death of her first husband. This makes him to be delusional that she even starts talking to her self thinking that he is alive. The same case happens to Pedro when Susana dies. He becomes

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