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3.Account for the increasing number of children incarcerated in the Essay

3.Account for the increasing number of children incarcerated in the UK. Is this an effective means to tackle youth offending - Essay Example The increase in incarceration is simply a result of more punitive sentencing and remand decisions. At the same time, depriving children of their liberty is ineffective in terms of preventing further offending, is expensive and does incalculable damage to young people who are already among the most vulnerable in society – a point tragically confirmed by the death of two children in custodial establishments during 2004.† (Narco, 2005, p. 1) It is clear from such observation that though there has not been any such change at the rate of criminal activities in the socio-cultural backdrop of the United Kingdom, but the administration, as it has witnessed through its previous experience that, random imprisonment of children helps in cutting the rate of criminal offence down, that is why they are still sticking to the system. Such random process of child incarceration, though its is considered to be effective but in real life is not only results in tremendous psychological probl ems to the youth section of the society but at the same time they are also exposed to the risk of being abused or molested by criminal minded persons. Consequently, they either remain as psychological patients for the rest of their lives or they develop extremely hostile mentality against the society that provides them also with a criminal bent of mind. Statistics of 2004 shows that 205 youths, who were below 15 years of age were taken under custody and three of them, namely, Gareth Price (16), Gareth Myatt (15) and Adam Rickwood (14), expired unfortunately during their tenure in the custody. (Narco, 5005, p, 1) Such incidents bear enough evidence to show that in the name of justice or controlling crime what actually is happening is exploitation of the youth force of a nation and the administration is actually dragging the youth section to such a situation, where they are not

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