Monday, September 9, 2019

Advanced Principles of Human Computer Interaction Essay

Advanced Principles of Human Computer Interaction - Essay Example This matte area is marginally raised from the surface for a functional reason. On the matte area, on the four points of the compass are four playback buttons. At the north, a point is a â€Å"MENU† button that allows you to navigate through the menus. At the west, a point is a step back button. At the south, a point is a play/pause button. At the last point is a step forward button.   The MENU button takes you from the normal screen to a menu screen that allows you to navigate to different capabilities including â€Å"Music†, â€Å"Photos† and â€Å"Videos† options on the menu. You can then enter each of these menus and navigate through them and if you want to go back up to the previous level of the menu then you can just press the MENU button again. This allows you to move back through the menu systems if you have made a mistake during your navigation. Each time that you press it will take you to the next level up in the menu system until you reappear at the original screen that you started from.   The step back button allows you to go back to the beginning of the playback of an item should you wish to. It allows you to return to the start of a song or a movie if you should need to do that. If you press the button twice then you will return to the start of the previous item and each time that press the button after that you will be moved to the item before that until you reach the start of the playlist. The step forward works in reverse since clicking on it will take you one item further on for every click of the button until the end of the playlist   The play/pause button determines the playback of items depending on the number of times you press the button. If you press it once then the item will play and if you press it twice then the track or video will freeze in place and continue from that spot when the button is pressed again.

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