Monday, September 30, 2019

Change: Indispensable Organizational Act Essay

Whenever change takes place, good and bad things happen in an organization. The management has the dice to roll on how to deal with such changes. People’s motivation will be affected especially those individuals who assumes that the management will get rid off them (Lawler, p. 157). When a company faces reduction in force, proper selection and guidance must be set. Result of reduction in force will cause the company with short-term and long-term consequences. Being the lead consultant, reduction in force will be the last resort to reconstruct the organization. To minimize or to come up with zero error can be attainable if proper line of communication is present. Since this is the main problem of the company, restructuring the way people communicate with other people from one department to another will be crucial. Every individual under the company needs to know that the company is working on the same goal (Termini, p. 186). Playing as one team with one spirit, proper coordination and communication are essential ingredients to keep on winning the stiff competition. Never fight with eyes close or else the opponent will easily know where to give their strong blows. The Essence of Proper Communication: Tool for Success People resist from change because of numerous factors that they will be dealing with. One is fear of loosing their vested interest with the current position. Individuals with anxieties guard off more what they can do with themselves than with the company (Reina and Reina, p. 7). The effects of changes with the company were not their concern but rather the implication of these changes with themselves. Another issue is, when there would be changes, rumours spread within the four corners of each department (Lawler and Rhode, p. 100). Misunderstanding takes place and people crumble more, leaving their work on a mess. Some may feel neglected while some may feel packing their things and headed on their way out. These reactions of people in an organization with regards to change are normal. Humans are bounded by intellectual and emotional abilities when stimulated by certain factors that will affect their desires. Employees of Pegasus have the benefit of realizing their potential because the company supports their way up. The company sets its benchmark in retaining its best people and allowing them to grow with the company. It is the main reason why people never leave Pegasus. Why waste this opportunity just because of miscommunication among departments? Communication is the answer and as much as possible, reduction will be the last resort to solve this problem. Employees of Pegasus set their lives with the company and it’s an asset which distinguished the difference of Pegasus from their competitors. There are approaches to cater the effects of change in an organization (Bahrami and Evans, p. 3). Proper education on people about the change effort beforehand helps employees to see the logic why the company needs to do such modification and alteration especially in communication. Participation of every division or department is an important element to transpire with positive effects of transformation. When there is a resistance to change, the management can have an arrangement to settle things. The company can offer incentive if projects will be completed at a given turn around time. There can also be a proposal that the department with much mistake will owe the rest of the team with an â€Å"after work dinner. This will enable each person within the company to loosen up. Casual talks involve in dinner party or any activity hosted by the company will enhance communication among its people. Such occasions allows people to mingle and rub elbows with other group of people. A friendly working environment makes people work with happiness in their hearts no matter how tough their assigned task is. It invites positive outlook in humans while working which allows optimistic drive to run through. A company needs to treat its employees not just a mere part of the team but most likely a part of the family. When one get hurts, everybody does.

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