Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How Does XML Improve and Enhance the E-business Framework Dissertation

How Does XML Improve and Enhance the E-business Framework - Dissertation Example With business booming across the nations coupled with the gaining prominence of the web technology, it was only natural that two most promising things of the future, business and Web could be combined-resulting in massive restructuring of enterprises and explosive growth of business ventures. Web technology today boasts of much new functionality each having their specialties, but the biggest breakthrough achieved by World Wide Web consortium was the introduction of XML has changed the dynamics of the business enterprises. Today with complex problems present at each application arena rise of integration based business was not a surprise. XML became so popular in areas like customer services, relationship marketing and electronic news items. Its only because of XML and its integration with business that made global trading possible among the companies. Other than this the concept of aggregators and rss feed brought out new feature of accesing information at faster and easier pace. This dissertation describes how XML enabled business process interacted intelligently and with the help of advanced techniques of Supply Chain Management and Just In time (JIT) Inventory, electronic business performance improved. The idea of combining information, people and technology, by integrating business process electronically using XML, that was the main topic of the dissertation has proven to be a masterful stroke for all the areas attached to it and thus initiating the mankind to explore and innovate himself to move great strides forward.

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