Saturday, September 7, 2019

Javascript Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Javascript - Essay Example Furthermore, needs change as a system is developed so the needs as identified when the system was specified may be different by the time that the system is tested. V & V process involves the whole life-cycle process it must be applied at each stage in the software process. It has two principal objectives namely the discovery of defects in a system and the assessment of whether or not the system is useful and useable in an operational situation. V & V should establish confidence that the software is fit for purpose. This does NOT mean completely free of defects. Rather, it must be good enough for its intended use and the type of use will determine the degree of confidence that is needed. The making of the game was quite enjoyable. The JavaScript usage was done to its extreme level for the use of DOM objects and extensive use of functions. The various details regarding the JavaScript would enable us to develop applications and make sure that all the various knowledge is used for enhancing technology. The various DOM and the JavaScript functions used enable us to understand the power of functions and discuss the variability of the various arguments. The events in JavaScript are used at its exhaustiveness and make sure that all the various solutions are quite knowledge oriented for its advanced use. The true use of the programming ability of JavaScript enables one to fetch a large knowledge in the use of functions, events and DOM structure to develop quite complex programs for developing better products and technologies. The Nougat and Crosses game has enhanced my vision towards the subject and the powerful components of the subject which is yet to be exploited for better use. The innovation in me has seeded with the surprising view of the functions and the objects that can be used with the language and enable its usage for developing bigger and better

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