Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Applying to university Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Applying to university - Essay manikinThough I do not profess to be a hardcore feminist, still, through private experience I abide come to know that the women are made to behave and transaction in a particular way through continual training and regimentation, right from the time of their birth. Right when a fry girl is born, she is made to learn that she is required to wear particular kind of clothes, she is to behave and act in a particular way, and she is to learn to do specific types of household chores. Even the innocent games play by female children are full of such(prenominal) societal imprints and expectations. So no wonder, when a baby girl grows out to be an adult woman, she is already convinced in her mind that she has to abide by the norms of a male dominated society. Such expectations imprinted in the minds of women wreck havoc with their innate aptitude and their electromotive force for personal growth and development.In the professional sphere, the consequences of male dominance tend to be very obvious. era and again one comes to hear about the glass ceiling. Even the women who dare to transcend these constraints have to compromise to a large extent. To excel in their careers, they are not allowed to harness the abilities like networking, empathy, bonding, consensus making that the innately possess because of being a women. Rather they are expected to imitate the male free-enterprise(a) role models, a thing that resultantly jeopardizes their personal and professional lives. The result is a deep seated sand of dissatisfaction and frustration.So, I believe that one of the essential goals of my education is to be able to get over such societal barriers and the consequent macho trends and expectations. I believe that the essential goal of education is to enable a person to build professional and personal relationship with others on the terms of equality and respect. Anything contrary to this is

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