Sunday, May 12, 2019

Interview witih a Business Owner Research Paper

discourse witih a Business Owner - Research Paper ExampleThe concentration is therefore on delivering an advertize message which is comprehensive, complete and covered from all weights. pitch decided to pursue this business because he did his get the hang in Advertising from unmatchable of the most well-k straightawayn universities in America. His interest in advertising is one of the reasons why he wanted to make it a career for himself, and thus the fact that he now owns this advertising agency. He did his internship at JWT which is again one of the more renowned advertising agencies in the world, and at Ogilvy, which has a name for its own self in the advertising ranks nonetheless. These are some of the most canonical reasons why he is into advertising and the manner in which he brings a comfort level to it goes to evince that he will continue to remain an entrepreneur even in the times to come.The business take a leak of this advertising agency is in the form of an indivi dually-owned company where Jack holds all the shares of the agency. He is the sole soulfulness who is responsible for all the actions, financial issues and strategic moves of the advertising agency and everyone reports directly to him. He is not answerable to anyone which is indeed a definite positive on his part. The other advantages include the fact that he has the supreme profits and can take home whatever he wants because it is his business at the end of the day. The disadvantages include the manner in which he has to make-do with employee morale, losses in income, clients moving out and so on. Therefore the advantages and disadvantages impasse head to head with one another when one understands the due role of ownership by Jack in comparison with other business forms.The challenges and rewards of business ownership when understood from Jacks angle are varied. This is because he has to set the basis of comprehending where he is having a tough time and what kind

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