Saturday, May 4, 2019

Idealism, Realism, Marxism and Neo-Realism Theories Essay

Idealism, Realism, Marxism and Neo-Realism Theories - Essay ExampleThis essay discusses that neo-realism suggests that the type of the political system of rules for item-by-item nations can have a profound effect on the international political system. The political system for each nation promotes international administration when it obeys and embraces legitimacy and transparency of foreign policies. It is a potential source of disturbance to international politics, especially where interest groups and public arise to defer the central decision makers such as the United States. International institutions must be used to increase the prospects of international politics thriving. ascendant nations such as the United States use international institutions to initial coalition. The values and interests of the dominant states are reflected by means of international institutions. They tend to reduce the male monarch of the superpowers. However, weaker nations will always try to go ag ainst the grain to ride out free rules of international institutions. For example, nations question U.S lack of participation in International Criminal Court. The concentration of power within one nation is addressed through morality. Morality fosters peaceful coexistence between nations and becomes a lance for international cooperation in politics. In the event of war, human rights must be protected in the reality today unlike in the past where countries such as Russia sacrificed human rights to pursue powers. Realism possibility affirms to the fact that nations must understand how international systems work before coming together to practice politics (Kaplan).

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