Saturday, May 11, 2019

What is visual arts Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

What is ocular arts - Assignment ExampleThe paper What is visual arts analyzes the phenomenon of visual arts. Pearls, m wizy, opulent embody the wealth and vanity, everyday pleasures of life. Scales in the womans hand is a semantic and geometrical approach to composition. such(prenominal) scales could be found in every house of Nederland. Every province had its currency and weight measures. In order to determine the value of coin, the sellers bit it to economize. Scales were very often associated with conscience like flaring heart. A shimmering blue cloth, open boxes, two strands of pearls, and a gold chain lie on the sturdy table. well-off light comes in by dint of the window and illuminates the scene. The woman is so pensive that the viewer almost hesitates to jab on her quiet moment of contemplation. There is a big picture of the run short Judgment, the one picture is in another picture that is tool often used by Vermeer. The scales are empty, the gold is just patches of li ght. A woman weighs neither pearls nor gold or her own deeds waiting for the Last Judgment. She is establishing the balance between the pleasures of life and the rules set by the Church. Vermeer emphasized this message through his superbly exquisite composition and lighting. The hand holding the balance, for example, occupies a position directly in front of the frames dark corner, while the scales are set off against the bare plaster wallan effect that Vermeer created through subtle spatial manipulation. Black Lines by Vasiliy Kandinsky is another perfect example of visual art.

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