Friday, May 17, 2019

Environment Threat and Opportunity Profile

ENVIRONMENT THREAT AND OPPORTUNITY PROFILE (ETOP) ENVIRONMENT THREAT AND OPPORTUNITY PROFILE (ETOP) A VIEW FROM-Anish CONTENT CONTENT Definition of environment Overview of environment scanning Techniques of environment scanning commentary DEFINITION surroundings means the surroundings, external objects, influences or circumstances under which slightlyone or some thing exits. ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING Environmental scanning is a offset of gathering, analyzing, and dispensing reading for tactical or strategic purposes.TECHNIQUES OF ENVIRONMENT SCANNING TECHNIQUES OF ENVIRONMENT SCANNING SWOT ETOP ETOP ETOP It is a process of dividing the environment into different sectors and then analyzing the impact of each sector on the organization. ETOP FOR rack COMPANY ETOP FOR BICYCLE COMPANY CONCLUSION CONCLUSION ETOP provides a clear picture to the strategists about which sectors & different factors in each sector, have a favorable impact on the organizatio n.Organisational Capability Analysis Internal Environment -strength & weakness in different functional areas Organization capability -Capacity & ability to rehearse distinctive competencies to excel in a particular field -Abilty to use its S& Wto exploit O& face Tin its external environment Organization resources sensible & Human cost, availability -strength / weakness Organization behaviour Identity & character of an organizationleadership, Mgt.Philosophy, values, culture, Qly of control environment, Organization climate, organization politics etc. ResourceBehaviour Distinctive competence -Any advantage a company has everyplace its competitor -it can do something which they cannot or can do better -opportunity for an organization to capitalize -low cost, overlord Quality, R&D skills METHODS & TECHNIQUES USED FOR ORGANIZATIONAL APPRAISAL Comprehensive, long term pecuniary Analysis -Ratio Analysis, EVA, ABCKey factor rating -Rating of different factors through different questions Value chain analysis VRIO example BCG, GE Matrix , PIMS, McKinsey 7S Balanced Scorecard Competitive Advantage pen Strategic Advantage visibleness Internal Factor Analysis Summary Organizational Capability Profile (OCP) -Weakness(-5), Normal(0), Strength(5) Financial Capability Profile Sources of funds (b) Usage of funds (c) Management of funds Marketing Capability Profile (a) Product connect (b) Price related (c) Promotion related (d) Integrative & Systematic

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