Monday, May 13, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 17

Assignment - Essay ExampleThe interest of the uprightness is at the society at queen-size and not on the individual who has swearted a crime. Criminals argon dangerous people in the society who threaten the social life of the community.These teenagers who are convicted of murder crimes are dangerous members of the society who are a threat to the community. The courts in their rulings will put the interest of the large community at hand and jail these criminals for life. These minors who commit these crimes are criminals in the making and peck not be left free to disturb the public. These minors who commit these crimes can be pardoned for the charges, hardly this will encourage the other minors to commit such crimes since they know they can always arrive at away with it. In regard to the same, other mature people can use the minors to commit murder crimes (Siegel & Senna, 147).The majority of the criminals in the world started their criminal activities when were young people. T he earlier these criminal characteristics are discover the better. The constitution is meant to protect the society at large and should be inclined towards the interest of an individual. These minor criminals, if pardoned and permit to join the society they will constrain a bother to the society and a threat.Some gay rights will argue that these are still children and should be given an opportunity to rejoin the society and become productive members of the same society. They argue that punishing these minors should be a process of rehabilitating them and making them honor abiding citizens. They argue that these minors are in the process of development, and should be given a fortune to contribute to the society and develop fully. They believe that some of these childrens behaviors will change at a later age. Some of these minors became violent as a result of how they were raised and the environment. However, these

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